Struggling to keep track of all your marketing details?

One Document to Rule Them All

No matter if you're a company of 1 or 1000, creating a distinct brand is a heavy lift. You can't rise above the chatter of the internet unless your brand voice is clear and strong.  But as time goes on and as more people contribute to your efforts, it gets harder to keep your company voice unique. If you're not careful to document the decisions that distinguish your company from everybody else, you can quickly move from singular to forgettable. But the solution is well tested. Enter the style guide. 

Publishers originally developed style guides to help authors, editors, and printers stop overriding each other's decisions. But a style guide can be so much more. 

A style guide is the organizing tool for managing and tracking the dozens, if not hundreds, of choices that make up your company's look and feel, such as your:

  • Brand colors and fonts  
  • Brand personality and "voice"
  • Value proposition and how you convey that

Basically, a good style guide is a writing reference guide, employee training tool, and marketing cheat sheet all in one.  

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My template walks you through all the marketing and communications decisions you're likely to confront in building a clear and consistent brand. All you have to do is fill in your choices and share it with your team. And the template itself is a Google doc, so it's easy to copy and customize for your business. 

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