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Thanks to the internet, reaching prospects has never been easier.

Or harder.

Sure, your prospects can reach you through the click of a button. But they also have a thousand other voices clamoring for their time and attention. And the pandemic just piles on additional challenges and uncertainties.

So how do you get noticed and build trust?

By speaking in ways that prospects want to hear. They still want and need clear, understandable solutions. They want to find someone who understands how to solve their problems and won’t waste their time with fluff and filler. They want someone who has practical answers to real problems, someone they can trust.

But you need to work with a sales process that is becoming ever more virtual. By one estimate, 67% of the buyer's journey is digital, and 70% of B2B buyers define their needs themselves before engaging with a vendor.*

The new reality is that many prospects will decide whether (or not) to become a customer without ever speaking to you. That's why your content needs to speak for you.

Done well, your web pages, email campaigns, case studies, and articles act as a beacon. Clear, compelling content relieves decision anxiety, connects you to motivated prospects, and drives action. Fully 90% of business decision-makers say online content is a significant factor in purchasing decisions. And 80% of decision-makers prefer to get vendor information from articles rather than ads.*

People who believe you can solve their problems say yes.

People who don't say no.

Your content is always talking. Do your prospects like what it's saying?

How I Can Help

Repurpose Content

Transform older material to suit new needs and audiences (e.g., presentations into white papers, blog posts into email campaigns, research into sell and info sheets)

Write New Content

Create lead generators and customer engagement pieces that build authority,
attract high-quality prospects, and pre-sell them on your solution.

Finish That Stalled Project

Whether it's almost done or barely begun, I'll help you get that old project across the finish line and multiply your productivity. What more could you cross off your list with a little help?

Edit for the Best Impression

Make sure your content hits its mark with an editor who understands how to get the details right. I work frequently with industry experts and non-native speakers to make sure their content is fluent, idiomatic, and accurate.

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December 17, 2020


About Me

Hi! I'm Molly,

I'm a former research scientist turned technical writer, with two decades of explaining complex ideas to all kinds of readers.

Whether for your customers, your investors, your stakeholders, or your relatives, I can write to the level of understanding you need and help you drive revenue to your door (virtual or literal).

Learn more about my background.

What Clients Say

Jeremy Laundergan

Vice President–Consulting Services, EnerNex

Molly supported EnerNex in the development of the Hawaiian Electric Companies' Grid Modernization Strategy and Integrated Grid Planning reports. Her technical writing and editing skill helped the team refine the resulting documents to be readable and understandable by people with industry knowledge as well as interested parties that are unfamiliar with the subject matter. She identified areas within the documents that needed to be refined and suggested approaches for achieving concise and clear messaging. As a result, the reports concisely conveyed the information that the Hawaiian Electric Companies needed to share with their stakeholders.

Tiffany Tuetken

Senior Director of Marketing & Communications, Cordant Health Solutions

I have worked with Molly for almost 4 years on a variety of copy projects, and she is beyond helpful. She has a scientist’s eye for accuracy and detail, a terrific professional ethic, and great communication skills. Molly quickly gets the gist of every request, asks insightful questions, and then delivers well-written, thoughtful, engaging material, on time every time. She has definitely helped propel our business, and I would recommend her to anyone with an important or complex message to communicate. I am not sure what I would do without Molly because she has become such an integral part of our Cordant marketing team.

Scott Smith

(Former) President CEO, FactRight, LLC

Molly is our secret weapon to delivering the highest-quality content in our business. For seven years, she has been involved in all aspects of our marketing, creating, revising, or refining the reports, emails, web pages, and articles we use to bring customers to our door. We tried large marketing agencies, but they didn’t get our business model, and they overcomplicated things. Molly asks good questions, listens fully and with care, and transforms our wish lists into living, breathing content that showcases our expertise and pre-sells customers on our services before we even talk to them. If you’re looking for someone to help you stand out in a crowd and demonstrate just how much value you can deliver, you should contact her right away.

How Hiring a Writer Elevates Your Message

Your business has to stand out in order to succeed. I can help you:

  • Build customer confidence in your solutions through materials that showcase your expertise.
  • Increase your productivity with a writer dedicated to B2B technical industries.
  • Create high-quality, meaningful content—no fluff, no filler—just real answers written in a compelling way. 
  • Inspire customers to action through proven persuasion techniques.

Ready to put your content worries aside?