Half-Day Services (aka “The Test Drive”)

Curious about hiring a writer/editor? Not sure how well—or even just how—this would work?

How about a trial run?

Introducing Half-Day Services

A quick, try-it-out option with low commitment

How Does a Half-Day Rate Work?

First half hour: 

We discuss  a small project or one part of a project that you’d like me to work on. Together we outline a plan.

(See How Do I Get Started? in the FAQ below or use the contact info in the sidebar.)

Next three hours:

I work on your project to our agreed-upon specifications and goals and then email you the deliverable. (Yes, back the same day!)

Last half hour: 

We discuss results, next steps, and any questions you may have. (This conversation can happen on another day.)

Half-Day FAQs

What kinds of projects fit this “half-day” rate?

Off the top of my head, some suggestions are:

  • Strategizing & framing out specifics for moving more of your business online
  • Drafting a press release
  • Revising an article or a web page
  • Editing part of a report
  • Framing out a new article, sales/welcome email campaign, or web page
  • Auditing current content for optimization

What’s Not Included?

I never want to overpromise or underdeliver. So here's the fine print about half-day services:

This package is not intended to provide you with a completely finished product. Polished, high-quality, technically accurate content takes time. The half-day service is intended to move your project much further along and give you a sense of how working with me can boost your content and free up internal resources. What else could you and your team accomplish if you checked “Content” off your list?

Also, this has to work in both our schedules. I will try to be available on your requested date, but I cannot promise until I’ve checked my calendar.

How Much?


(Paid in advance. An invoice will be sent to your inbox upon receipt of your request. Credit cards are accepted. )

Can I buy more than one half-day?

I’m open to it. Let’s discuss what you’re looking for and see if half-days are the best choice or if a conventional bid works better for your needs.

How Do I Get Started?

Choose 1 of these 3 ways to contact me:

  • Call: 651-331-9530
  • Email: molly@mcbeathcommunications.com
  • Fill out the form below:
Please briefly describe what you'd like help with.
If you have a particular date in mind, please enter that here.

I look forward to speaking with you!

Neil Placer

Director, Utility Services Consulting, EnerNex

Molly assisted us in editing a document that was filed with the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio. She did a fantastic job in understanding the goals we were seeking to accomplish and how she could provide the most value. She was also very flexible by being willing to provide edits in mid revision (not the ideal scenario) and by working under tight deadlines during the holidays. In short, I was pleased with her work and would be happy to work with her again. 

Step up your lead generation.

Tiffany Tuetken

Senior Director of Marketing & Communications, Cordant Health Solutions

I have worked with Molly for almost 4 years on a variety of copy projects, and she is beyond helpful. She has a scientist’s eye for accuracy and detail, a terrific professional ethic, and great communication skills. Molly quickly gets the gist of every request, asks insightful questions, and then delivers well-written, thoughtful, engaging material, on time every time. She has definitely helped propel our business, and I would recommend her to anyone with an important or complex message to communicate. I am not sure what I would do without Molly because she has become such an integral part of our Cordant marketing team.

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